Mr Sexy &  Ms Sexy 


Mr Sexy USA Ms & Ms Sexy USA in search of Americas next leading man and leading lady, were originally created and launched in 2005 as a tool to scout for talent for planned scheduled productions by El Mundo Productions.  It was launched at Sexyween, our annual Halloween Ball as our attendees were already in sexy costumes and it would add to the excitement of the event.

As we started producing programming, we put Sexyween and the pageant on an extended hiatus, while we continued to develop a strategic plan to launch a viable production industry in Texas.

Jump to 2019.  Today we are rolling out our strategy to establish a year round, full time entertainment industry in Texas over the next seven ears.  The Mr Sexy USA & Ms Sexy USA competition has become a part of the strategic plan to find marketable talent.  Interest has been shown by producers around the world to make the national competition a reality show.

This year during the Sexyween Ball we will select twelve male and twelve female delegates to enter the competition for the Texas title in the Spring of 2020 and will use the model to roll out the concept to the 50 states and Puerto Rico.  When all the States have selected their winners across the country, we will conduct a national competition to crown our national title holders and work on getting them agent representation in the mainstream market. Our goal is to have our national competition in production as a reality show by the Fall of 2020.


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